Along came Polly

We have a new addition in our household – a wee kitten called Polly. She is a cute wee thing! She is grey & black tabby with a white chest. She is also quite special as she is a Polydactyl cat hence her name 🙂 She has been with us for almost two weeks.

Miss Polly



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5 responses to “Along came Polly

  1. Roseanne Low

    Hi Kate. We also have a polydactyl in the family (my brother’s cat). He is also a Manx and his name is “Cat” lol. They’re cool cats eh? Polly is really cute!

  2. Chris K


    it’s Saturday night here in NZ & couldn’t help it when I saw your sweet little kitten…..they are great company…..

    We have just got a tabby who is 3months old through our SPCA here in Wellington….they recently had a Free Feline Friday…..that meant your cat or kitten was speyed, micro-chipped and all its necessary injections etc done….

    The SPCA had so many cats come in lately, and they have an active policy of re-homimg rather than….well you know what I mean …so we are the happy owners (after 10 years from our last cat) of a wee tabby girl called COCO…the teenagers in the house are very happy and enjoying it..


    kind regards

    • Hi Chris

      We got Polly through a local cat rescue lady here in Waitakere. She does a wonderful job. My friend also in Wellington got two sibling kittens from the SPCA promotion. It must be working for them. 🙂

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