Recent creations off the needles

Ok here is a wee update. Some of these are orders and one is a test knit for my fellow Coco Kids friend Julia so will be a sneak peek photo 😉

This is a custom knit Milo in size 2. The yarn was glorious to knit so I had to find a special cable pattern and I found the hourglass cable pattern.

Up close of the cable

and from this angle

The colour is best in the top photo – hand dyed Bendigo Woollen Mills luxury. Yummmmmmm.

Here is a sneak peek at a newly completed custom knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton. This is a size 2 Kaia Babydoll top.

Teal and light blue cotton - lace hem detail.

This next knit is for Makayla using The Wool Company‘s 8ply Ming Blue as the trim with Wicked Knits varigated “Perfect Storm”. I made this extra long to use up all of the 100gm of the Perfect Storm so I didn’t have any leftovers. It should fit Makayla fine next year!

Makayla's new top - Size 3 Kaia Babydoll top

You can the see the length here. Dress for the moment but will be a top next year.

Here is a wee snapshot of the test knit I have done for Julia for one of her new patterns. This pattern is one for the girls.

Sneaky peak of Julia's test knit....I'll update about this item later.

I have done some other knits but they are gifts that haven’t got to their destination yet  or works in progress. I have three WIP’s  (work in progress) projects at the moment. If only I had more pairs of arms!


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