Introducing Teacher’s Pet

My friend and fellow Coco Kids knitter Julia is soon releasing her new pattern called Teacher’s Pet. This is part of a series of patterns she has been working on amongst life as busy Mum of two.

On Makayla (2 yrs)

Ali and I have both helped Julia by being part of the testing phase of the dress. I finished my test knit last week and have been wanting to share the photos of the finished item. Last night Julia gave the go ahead for posting photos so Raverly has been busy today with people posting their project photos and others not part of the testing phase clicking “add to favorites” or adding a comment. 🙂 Lots of fun!

The Teacher’s Pet is one for the girls with many options plus it caters for a wide age group too from baby to at least size 8 years.  You can add a hood like this one that Ali did, have pleats (two versions in the pattern) or a full skirt like this one of Julia’s.

The one I did was a hood-less version with scalloped pleats and a frill bottom.  I used some hand dyed wool that I had in stash and teamed it up with Amethyst 8ply from The Wool Company. I did this for my niece who is nearly one years old and has a chest measurement of 20″. I also tried the Teacher’s Pet dress on my youngest daughter who is almost two years old and fits fine on her too. I think it will fit Miss F for a while which is great especially with layers underneath to keep her snug during winter.

Teachers Pet

Scalloped pleats with frill at bottom

Bodice of the Teacher's Pet

Front view

Here is a photo of the Teacher’s Pet on Miss F my niece:

Isn't she cute!


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