Wee baby set

I can finally reveal a project I have been doing for my friends first wee babe who came 9 weeks early. Master J should be cute as a button in this and warm!

The set started with NB Looking Glass Longies which I do also custom knit. It was fun to knit such a small pair. I finished it off with a crochet cord tie.

NB Looking Glass Longies

and then I knitted the Pebble vest for the first time. This free pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for ages so I am glad I have finally knitted and tried it out! 🙂 I found some neat buttons at Mum’s that suited it just right. It has a buttoned shoulder and side seam to pop on baby easily.

Pebble Vest

I then finished the set off with this wee hat. It is the Cabled Premmie Hat on Ravelry. It was a quick knit and should look super on a wee babe.  I would be tempted to increase the sizing of it for an older baby….

Modeled on a doll


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