Been so busy

that I haven’t updated here in a while! Gosh! 🙂

I’ll post some photos and add the story of August as I go….

This is a test knit for tiKKi’s new pattern which she is releasing in September. It is called Cassia and is a fab wee dress/tunic for girls to wear. The sizing is from NB to age 12. It is a sister pattern of her recent Olearia pattern. I knitted this in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8ply in the colour Damask Rose. I used 243g for this test knit in size 3.  Ariana just adores it!!!

From this to.....

to this!


Back view with gorgeous buttons.

I have also knitted some baby gifts…

Baby T vest size 6-9 months

Link to the Baby T Vest on Ravelry HERE

Paxton Cardigan - size NB (Buttons yet to be sewn on)

Link to the Paxton pattern on Ravelry HERE

Custom Order - size 2 Kaia Babydoll top woth crochet tie & flower

The Kaia on Miss M prior to flower being added.

I must confess I am in love with this fab new hat pattern by my friend Sheryl from Shortly Stitches. It called Benji and is simple and stunning while being a great project for stash busting! The colour work is the first I have done and it was fun once I got my groove on. The little “v” stitches look like hearts as well.  I knitted one for Miss 2 in the toddler size (it is a multi sized pattern from NB, baby, toddler, child, ladies , mens and large mens) and it fits well on Miss A who is almost five (small headed child!).

Beautiful Benji


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