Ariana’s creative space

My big girl is fast approaching school age so I am really relishing her learning and imagination at the moment.

She has created some magic things. She came home from kindy the other day with this huge drawing about a robot called Mooksy which one of the teachers had written her little story in the corner. So cute!

Mooksy the girl robot

The wee story

My most special 5 year old creation - work in progress!

There is also a garden arrangement she made for me. Some things had fallen out but it was so sweet, bright & cheerful.  Little sister just wanted to wreck it so I have put it up high to admire for a bit longer.

Yellow Play dough Garden

Today while I was hanging out one of a few loads of washing I over heard Ariana saying that she wanted to knight me. Next thing she came along with a stick (now a magical knighting stick 😉 ). I asked her what does she mean and she explained that she will knight me….I knelt down and she proceeded to  tap my shoulders with her stick:

“Dear Mummy. I make you a  knight of the (surname) family”.

WOW! I am truely special now. Daddy and little sister followed suit. 🙂


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