Weekend fun in photos

We have a great new playground in walking distance so that makes two for us which is great! ūüôā My big girl likes to ride her bike there while Miss 2yo charges down the path either running or walking or when with Daddy, high up on his shoulders.

We stopped in the new cafe nearby YUMMMMMM and then we headed down the big white¬†shingle¬†path to the lay ground….

Off for a walk...

There are some neat sculpture like play installments at the play ground. They are based on local plants and their seeds. Weird i know but they are cool and the kids get to learn a bit while I talk about them.

Having some fun (also a great rain shelter!)

Miss 2 didn't want to have a photo with me

Kowhai seed

Manuka seeds - some of these spin around.

Nikau Seed and Miss 4

Each of these have an engraving on them saying what they are and they also have the relevant plants planted next to them. Clever ah?

This is what is on the Nikau one (in the last photo above):

What local play grounds do¬†you¬†have around? With school¬†holidays now here I am thinking of things to do – the Zoo will be seeing us, Funky Monkeys concert tomorrow plus some catch ups with friends….better get thinking!



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3 responses to “Weekend fun in photos

  1. LOVE that playground! School holidays mean a holiday for mama so we try to do very little;-)

  2. Mel

    Wow, what a neat playground, I’d love to read about all those plants.

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