Pancakes, imagination and planting

Here are a few photos over the last few days….

Yummy Sunday breakfast. Pancakes with fruit and maple syrup. Makayla loved it and Ariana played safe and spread raspberry jam on hers and rolled it up and ate it as a roll.

Yum! Notice M's wee hand!

M eating grapes - her favourite fruit at the moment.

It is school holidays so I have the big kindy kid around….anyway yesterday she was prowling the house on all fours meaowing and pretending to be a cat. The fact that she had Wags the Dog tail on The Wiggles was beside the point! 😆

My new big cat on the real cat's play stand.

This morning we planted some new plants into our vege patch. Our stinky compost has been added as well as more store bought compost. DH bought some strawberry plants, brocolli, cos lettuce, cabbage and some radish (tape) seeds.

Here is a before planting photo with my bedraggled kids….DD1 had found the hose & sprinkler and sprayed herself and sister! Lucky it isn’t cold.

Let the planting begin!

All planted

Up close.


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