#3 BlogtoberFest 2010: Cupcakes oh so delish!

Yesterday I finally saw and tasted the gorgeous cupcakes at Delish Cupcakes in North Shore, Auckland. My sister in  law J drove and it was her 2nd time there. It is a cute wee shop with a wee table and chairs for a lucky group to sit at and enjoy cup  cakes there and then while enjoying a drink. On the right when you go in are some fantastic cup cake related items – cases, shapes, icing pens and special icing colours.

But, what was the major draw card was the day’s special selection of hand made cupcakes that we could choose from. Oh wow! How can you choose! (Do not  go there if you are even a wee bit hungry!) 😆 I choose four cupcakes so we could share each of them. They were like work of art & love.

I took a photo of them once we got to the car!! Here are the four that I chose. I almost can’t remember there flash names but DO know they were delish as they say they are!!

I had this one! YUM!

Lemon Meringue - Miss almost 5 had this one & loved it!

Chocolate raspberry - hubby had this one.

Chocolate banana - Makayla had most of this one.

These are two of J’s ones:

Chocolate orange with chocolate fish!

Another chocolate one...chocolate velvet? Not sure!

These did not last long so I am glad I took photos before hand. Even better when we got there they had 2 cup cakes for the price of one! Brilliant! So less guilt! 😆 🙂


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