#4 BlogtoberFest: Decisions and Indecisions

I have a confession. I can be horribly indecisive. I am a Librian too which figures!

Oh the indecisiveness is famous! Librans either sit on the fence, (attempting to appear pleasing to all parties), or they swing wildly from one side of the argument to the other, (and not necessarily dependant on who they are talking to!)
This is not the most reliable of signs, either in what they should do, or in maintaining any particular view point. They are often accused of being two faced. Beneath that charming exterior it is less well known, and stealthily concealed that they are very self centred, and insist on getting their own way, (whatever that is today).
Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery.



I have kind of hit a knitting funk and I can’t decided what the heck to knit. I bought down two bags of yarn as I couldn’t decide what I am doing. I have three projects on the go but I started a 4th just before. Crazy and nuts! Three of the projects are for sale and one is for a new wee baby gift.


However on Sunday night I decided to take a quick holiday to visit my friend about 400kms away with the girls. I left the next morning and the drive down was great with only a few toliet stops and grizzles from Miss 2.


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