#9 Blogtober Fest: Baby Loss Awareness Week

This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week.  I remembering penning my long personal post this time last year and I am drawn to it again. It’s amazing the details I remember and how I felt. Being through those lossess has given me new understanding and empathy. I would NOT want anyone to go through it. Loosing a baby at any stage is utterly heart wrenching and often a lonely experience.

There is a Baby Loss Awareness page on Face book so check it out. I saw yesterday they are trying to get this awesome book called “What Happened to Baby?” into NZ Primary School’s to help explain to young children about baby loss. If you can help please do!

Big hugs to everyone who has joined the club no one wants to join. Kia Kaha.




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3 responses to “#9 Blogtober Fest: Baby Loss Awareness Week

  1. Cat

    we sent 9 balloons skyward yesterday in remembrance of our babies we never got to meet and/or bring home.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I lost two little angels last year and life is never quite the same again. Much love. xx

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