#11 Blogtober Fest: Memories

I was making myself a cup of soup last night and as I reached for the soup bowl I realised I had to write about it! Strange I know one of my favourite things in my kitchen are the two old soup bowls that I got from Nana.

Memories evoked by these bowls

I look at these and am taken back in time of when I used to sit with Granddad and Nana and have soup for lunch. I remember toast cut into fingers and yummy soup but mainly it was the times I spent staying with them. I was lucky that my family lived close and we had that kind of time to spend with them. Granddad died when I was 8 but I do have some good memories of him.  He went way too early and Nana was on her own for so long afterwards.

Do you any item that you use that reminds you of something or someone?



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2 responses to “#11 Blogtober Fest: Memories

  1. I have my nana’s handwritten cook book, her knitting bag and a collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks that I suspect she collected from her mother or MIL. My family often comment how like her I am so I feel honoured to have some of her homemaking “tools”.

    • That is awesome. I do have Nana’s trusty cake mixer that has made dozens of cakes in it’s lifetime as well. I have some old loaf tins and pie tins as well. It’s amazing how things can keep on giving isn’t it.

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