#14 Blogtober Fest: Auckland Sling walk

Yesterday we participated in the Auckland Sling Walk to help promote Babywearing.  We  met at Kelly Tarlton’s car park area and then walked to Mission Bay. It wasn’t a long walk but was fun. Makayla loved being carried by Daddy in our Ergo (soft structurered carrier) after having a hissyfit on my back 😆 Always the way. Actually it was quite funny how many Dad’s were more favoured to be carried by the little ones.

I didn’t take any photos of the actual walk as M was keeping me busy. I did take some photos when we reached our destination at Mission Bay.

Makayla in the foreground on the left with hubby and eldest girl just behind her. Beautiful view of Rangitoto Island.

Daddy I see you!

I got a touch sun burnt even – thank goodness I did put some sun block on.

We went for a walk today and I took a snap of hubby wearing Makayla at 2.2years old in the Ergo. She has been in a Moby wrap, Dulce & Zoet sling,  and of course our trusty work horse our Ergo.

Ergo love!

Off for a walk in the rain

For more awesome information on the many different types of babywearing items, check out Slingbabies.


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