#17 Blogtober Fest: Eden’s Adam

Oh my gosh! I had a shock when I realsied I hadn’t put details up of this custom knit I have had for a while! Crazy and silly me!

So I have finally added a page amongst the other custom knit items for the Eden Adam & Eve set designed by tiKKi. Tikki is one of my favourite knitting designers and I already have a few of her designs that I can custom knit – Milo vest, bloom and rainbow dress.

The adam vest/singlet is a great wee top that is unisex and perfect for layering or wearing on it’s own. I have knitted a few for the upcoming Craft 2.0 event in Lower Hutt. These are in cotton and one is in a cotton/bamboo mix.

An Adam vest line up

Here are two I did for my girls for winter wear:

Gorgeous top isn’t it!  🙂

Contact me at chevgirlknitting@gmail.com for more information regarding a custom knit for your child or Christmas pressie.


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