#19 Blogtober Fest: Want to do a KAL?

Hmmmm you are probably thinking what is a KAL?? KAL means knit along 😉

One of my fav designer’s tiKKi is running a mystery KAL and sign up is now! It is a mystery because no one knows the what the item is apart from you can do a boy version or a girl version.

Now how it works is each week tiKKi will contact you by email with each part of the pattern so in the end you have a finished item and the whole pattern! I am joining in as I always like doing a new pattern especially one from tiKKi.

Jump over to her blog http://tikkifabricaddict.blogspot.com/ for more information and to check out her other designs.





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2 responses to “#19 Blogtober Fest: Want to do a KAL?

  1. sue

    It sounds like fun doesnt it. I just joined up about half an hour ago and am going to knit something for my daughter. I hope my cotton arrives soon so I can use it for the project.

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