#21 Blogtober: Chocolate Brownie!

Ok I confess I adore chocolate but I also adore a quick fail safe recipe as well. Here is one of those that is tried and tested. I was part of a recipe/food swap last year and I was send some chocolate brownie and some cute wee silicone bake ware to make more plus the important recipe. It was a neat swap. I think I even posted on my blog about it…..

Anyway it is a quick mircowave Chocolate Brownie recipe. It was quick to make and then quick to cook.





The ingrediants



The method


It looks great in the heart shape baking thingee my sister in law gave me for my birthday dosen’t it? My big girl must have thought so as I discovered that the end point was grabbed and part of the brownie eaten! Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy with her! :-/ Sooo instead of leaving it all and dusting with icing sugar as planned I had to cut it up. I did have a wee piece to try and OMG it is delicious!!!!


All cut up.


Thanks Mel – brilliant recipe!

NOTE: I added some chopped up chunks of chocolate buttons as well.




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2 responses to “#21 Blogtober: Chocolate Brownie!

  1. Julz

    I think I ate half of that
    *giggles in very high voice*

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