Home made peanut butter

Have you done this? Well my eldest girl has done this twice now with her Grandmother when we visit. Ariana is a peanut butter fiend! She loves it each day especially with honey on toast or in a sandwich.

We visited hubby’s parents and they had no peanut butter! Oh no! But Grandma had a brilliant idea of making some herself and Ariana thought that would be fun!

Grandma found a bulk bag or roasted peanuts and then washed 3/4 of the batch worth to get rid of excess salt and then dried them on their wood oven (brilliant oven!!). Grandma then used her mincing machine and mooshed the peanuts into butter spread.

Peanut Butter goodness

And here is the finished product. A nice big jar of peanut butter that is just simply peanuts and a splash of oil to make it spreadable.



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2 responses to “Home made peanut butter

  1. Jo

    It’s on my ‘to do’ list funnily enough. We go through so much peanut butter here. Hmmm will had peanuts to my shopping list for next week.

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