But my kids like to hide in boxes!

A favourite book that was given to us for Makayla (DD2) is called ” My cat likes to hide in boxes” by Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd. It is an awesome wee book.

Recently we visited hubby’s parents in beautiful Ohakune and my father in law had bought a brand spanking new BBQ but the catch was it needed to be put together first!

The men had this task and the kids then proceeded to have a blast playing with the left over big boxes on the lawn in the spring sun!

Kids are happy while the men are grumping over instructions

Fun times!

Cousin having fun too!

Making a slide from the box

It is some great to see children just play with something like this. A simple “rubbish” box proved to be hours of fun for the three kids and kept them out of their Dad’s and Granddad’s way while they nutted how how to put the BBQ together.


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