Baking on a Sunday

I was hit by a bit of motivation this afternoon and planned out three things to bake. I often turn to the hand written book by Mum gave to me for Christmas in 2005 filled with all of her favourite recipes and recipes she knew I loved when I grew up. It honestly is the best ever present I have ever been given for Christmas. To think in years to come I can turn to these tried & tested recipes and see Mum’s hand writting and pass this down to the girls. 🙂 Brilliant idea!

Anyway, I decided on Rice Bubble Biscuits for Ariana’s school lunch box and then some other things for us – Mrs Bolger’s Fruit Slice and Muesli Slice.

My favourite recipe book and the fruit slice.

Mrs Bolger’s Fruit Slice is an oldie but a goodie. It has a buttery base which you press into the pan and then save some for the topping. In the middle is a yummy fruit filling that is rich and sweet. I then crumbled the left over base over top eveningly and popped it into the oven.

Rice Bubble Biscuits

I then made the biscuits. It was supposed to have almond essence but I don’t have any so added in some lemon essence and crossed my fingers that it would work. The recipe also called for walnuts but I didn’t have any so added some chopped almonds instead. I taste tested one once it had cooled enough and yes it was Ok!! 😆 They also passed the taste of Miss Fussy Ariana as well. 🙂

Next was the easy peasy throw together no cook muesli slice. Basically you throw together coconut, rice bubbles, weetbix, dried fruit and then heat together honey, peanut butter, brown sugar, butter and add to the dry ingrediants and press into a tin and pop in the fridge to set. I added in some pumpkin and sunflower seeds for extra roughage and nutrition.

Muesli Slice


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One response to “Baking on a Sunday

  1. Pixie_NZ

    You sound like me Kate! I have a book mum gave me for my 21st that has recipes like that, which i treasure ☺

    Your no cook muesli slice sounds a bit like the one mum taught me which is one of my faves too 😉 as we used to have that instead of muesli bars for school 🙂

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