Delicious home made bread

Hubby & I have decided to save some money and make as much bread as we can ourselves. Now this is without a bread maker machine. It is a delicous recipe that my Mother in Law uses and opens it self up to many variations. It is a focaccia bread recipe which we cook in a deep loaf tin but you can have it like the more traditional focaccia style on a tray.

Now does that look yummy or what! It is nice as fresh bread for two days but awesome as toast! It slices really well too.

Other variations include: adding a pasta sauce into the mix or just smearing some on top, adding in LSA or nuts for a different texture, adding in herbs and cheese chunks, olives, mushrooms and sea salt on top. Hubby has made it into a pull apart loaf as well.

What do you think?






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4 responses to “Delicious home made bread

  1. Julz

    Make it GF for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….then it wont look so awesome and fabulous 😛

  2. Sam

    Looks Fab .. were on a bit of a baking bug around here too …. doesn’t help the trying to eat less bread part though 😉

  3. Kylie

    Oh yum!! Drool!!! 🙂 That looks so delish!!! are you able to share your recipe pretty please? would love to give it a go 🙂

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