Fruit from our garden

Today I spied two wee red strawberries that were ready to be eaten! πŸ™‚ Yah! The girls and I tried them out. Ariana was a bit miffed I ate a little of her one but Makayla loved them and this photo sums it up…..

Ok she can be cute and oh so sweet but wait till I show you these cracker photos of her eating her lunch today. Naughty monkey! So on top of the Baby Vicks grease mes sin her hair (it has been a mission to wash out….mutter mutter) Β she plastered the last part of her sandwich ever so artfully on top of her head! Go figure! πŸ˜†

Hmmmm. Nutter kid! But she does love “cu bum ber” πŸ˜†



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4 responses to “Fruit from our garden

  1. Julz

    She’s a nutter that one

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