Focaccia Bread recipe

Here  it is for those who were interested. 🙂

Focaccia Bread

4 rounded cups of flour

1 tsp salt

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 heaped tsp dried yeast (or 15g fresh yeast)

2 C hot water from tap

1 tsp dried herbs

Olives (optional)



Put flour, salt & yeast into big mixing bowl. We use a metal one as keeps heat in for rising mixture. Add hot water & oil and mix well. Cover & leave to rise 30 minutes plus (we leave ours for up to an hour = nice rise!)

Tip onto floured bench and sprinkle with more flour. Knead slightly and then shape mixture into the shape you want. For toast/sandwich bread we place the mixture into a deep loaf tin sprayed with cooking spray. Let the mixture rise again till mixture is double again. Cover with a clean cloth while it does this. Heat oven to 200 degrees during this process.

Brush the top of the bread mixture with olive oil and sprinkle with rock or sea salt and /or herbs. Cook 15 – 20 minutes if doing a flat focaccia style bread or 40 minutes if doing a loaf style bread.


Recipe hails from my Mother in Law – S Eades of Ohakune.



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2 responses to “Focaccia Bread recipe

  1. celeritas2

    Wow what a good idea, I’ve been making focaccia bread successfully in the flat style and as pizza bread but hadn’t though of using it to make a loaf.

    Does it taste nice with sweet spreads or is it really more of a savour bread?

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