Sewing machine here I come!

The poor thing has been stuck in a box for a year! Hopefully it still likes me as I went out this morning and bought some fabric to make various things for the girls and their cousins for Christmas and Summer. I have been pointed in the direction of some awesome tutorials online. Gosh there are so many wonderful talented people!

I am going to sew some wee girl knickers from this lot:


This bunch will be girly items yet to be decided….. skirts, dresses….

Just to give you a wee insight of the fab tutorials out there….. Check these out:

Sew Mama Sew

Simply Modern Mom

Kitschy Coo

From an Igloo


Karlene’s Workshop

What do you think? Do you have some other favourite website tutorials that you use? Let me know! I am honestly getting the sewing itch now.

I even have some old items that I am going to refashion into items as well.








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