Sewing mojo has hit me!

Following on from my earlier post I have made a few things in the last few days.

On Friday I made two pairs of knickers for Miss 5 and she loves them! They are very cute and fit so well on her.

The pattern is called Children’s’ Undies from that*darn*kat blog. She has other tutorials so check it all out!

Today I realised that Miss % had a 5th Birthday Party to go to and we have minimal funds for the present! What to do?????? I bravely thought I could whip something up and I went with this thought process. Brave I know but I am glad I had my Mum around to help keep the two monster kids sorted.

I selected this pattern called Twirly Skirt Tutorial and some of the new dress material I bought last week. I ended up not using some of the length of the skirt as it just seemed a ridiculous amount to go around a wee person!!!! 😆

Stripy Twirly Skirt

Rainbow of colours

Hanging skirt

Miss 5 was a grumpy so and so and these are the best photos I could get of the skirt being modeled before I had to pop it into the bag.

Oh so pretty even on a grumpy girl

Minus the grumpy face

Next time I make this pattern I will make the waistband wider and use less skirt length. I did like the ribbon idea for the tie.  It’s the first time I have given away a present like that and I am sad I won’t really see it being worn like I do when I sew for my girls. The 5 year old girl who has this goes to another nearby school and not the same as my girl so no real chance of seeing the skirt in action…oh well!


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