U2 360 Tour – man it RoCkEd!

How can I NOT post about this?! I went on Thursday night with my Mum and friend and OH MY GOSH it was great! I knew it would be though as I last saw them in 1993 for their Zooropa tour.  I can’t beleive that was 17 years ago…mind you I was still in high school! 😆

We caught a free bus in from the North Shore so that was awesome in itself as we didn’t have to stress about parking and walking far. We got there and joined the masses of people steaming into the stadium and hearing Jay Z doing his thing. To be honest it sounded terrible as the sound was jumping off all the buildings nearby as we walked in. We got near the seats and then this official guy came up and offered us tickets in an empty section they were trying to fill which also happened to be closer to the stage. Bonus! But I did wonder why there was an empty section when it was supposedly a sold out show that night….who knows! Anyway we had great seats.

The 360 stage just before U2 came out

Bono on the big screen and spot him down below

Spectacular lights and effects

The screen extended down - spot Bono on the screen

It was an amazing event and was certainly worth the money spent on the tickets.



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2 responses to “U2 360 Tour – man it RoCkEd!

  1. Whoa! That is so very cool that you went to see them after 17 years!!!
    Doesn’t Larry still look the same?! LOL!

    Great photos! I’ve been reading all I can about this leg of the tour waiting for their return to the usa in 2011.

    That stadium looked like a great place to see the show too!

    Sometimes they don’t know what the Claw (stage) will obstruct before they build it in each stadium…sounds like you lucked out!

  2. Gage

    Typically there are about 50-75 tickets reserved in the venue per the artist’s rider for the talent, crew, and management. Oftentimes these seats are released a couple of days to 5 minutes before the show.

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