Confession time

Ok so I have been busy doing some great crafting but I couldn’t share until now. It has been the reason my knitting mojo went AWOL on me and tiredness set in….can you guess? can you guess?


Baby #3 is cooking

Thankfully the wearing of seabands on my wrists has stopped (I still have marks on my wrists from them a week or so later) as the constant morning (read that as ALL day/night) sickness has eased off. The tiredness is still here and I don’t think that will go for a long time! 😆

Baby knitting will be on the agenda for next year for sure especially since this will be a mid winter baby!

I am just so thankful this baby is a sticky one after having three early miscarriages prior to conceiving Makayla. I can now start to enjoy this growing baby and relish being pregnant for the last time.





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7 responses to “Confession time

  1. congratulations! All the best for a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. Lovely sewing projects BTW.

  2. Congratulations!! Don’t you just love knitting all that teeny tiny stuff- so much fun.

  3. WOW!!! what wonderful news, a big congratulations to you both!!!!
    I sent your summer yarn swap on tues, hope you get it soon 🙂

  4. mum2girls

    Congrats. That’s the best kind of crafting ever 😛

  5. mandli

    Congrats Kate, I’m thrilled for you!

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