I sat down the other day and wrote about 5 different lists! Go Christmas time and the busy lead up.

I have a knitting to do list, including finishing off half done projects.

A sewing list and sewing/knitting list πŸ˜† and then a general crafting list. I have crossed off the Christmas Card list :happydance: πŸ™‚ and a swap list with a few swaps done & ducted there! Getting there.

Here are some photos of some recent things:

Various knickers I have made - some for Ariana and some for birthday presents.

Present for one twin for a 5th birthday

Present for the other twin

Summer pinwheel hat for eldest daughter as too big for M

Pinwheel Sunhat laid out flat

Adam vest for Makayla - long waiting project that finally got finished. One off the list!

Modeled on Miss Makayla

Another pinwheel sunhat - Chrissy pressie modeled on a dolly (too big for her)

More to do so I better go! πŸ™‚


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