Gift for a teacher

I did thisidea last year for Ariana’s kindy teacher’s for Christmas but decided to do it again for her new entrants teacher. It is a gorgeous idea from Bakerella called Mix things up! aka Cowgirl Cookies.

Here are some photos of Ariana and I putting it together:

Sorting the M&M's out

M&M's sorted

We decided to use the red, green and brown ones and used two large packets. What a shame we have the blue, yellow and orange ones to munch on! 😆

The finished jar.

It was a bummer that the brown sugar was a bit too fine and came through the M&M layer. Oh well!

Christmas Card on...

Cute wee signature by Ariana

I am sure MrsMcK will like it. 🙂



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4 responses to “Gift for a teacher

  1. Aww I love the pictures.. nice post

  2. Angela L

    Cool!!! Where did you get the jar from Kate?

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