Spring Garden Tee

I have knitted this wee beauty the last two days for a secret santa even my sister in law organised amongst their friends and included us.

I decided to knit this pattern “Spring Garden Tee” that Tiny Lovely gifted me in the summer yarn swap Rainbow Child organised recently.

I had a wee 12 month old girl to make this for and had the perfect yarn waiting – Denim blue in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton.

Spring Garden Tee in Denim
Lace detail on wee sleeve
I added the lace to the hem – love it!


I am going to make more of these as the sizing is massive – from  3 months to 14 years! I would do the sleeves differently though. I would cast them off in purl stitch and not put them on waste yarn as pattern said as you go back and only do one round of purl. Also when you go back to the sleeve finish it doesn’t mention about picking up some stitches under the armpit (Had cast on 6 extra stitches for the body) as otherwise there is a gap. Odd but all good. I like the pattern ad can deal with that 🙂 I did think adding the lace pattern to the bottom of the top looks more balanced. It is a beautiful easy to remember lace pattern and I love the wave effect it creates especially when you cast off.

I did the sewn cast off for the neck to make sure it will go over the head OK but it looks a touch gapey. The other cast offs I used a bigger needle and did it loosely.

Right, it is teaming down with drought breaking rain and the kids are asleep so will get the sewing machine out for some sewing fun. 🙂




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2 responses to “Spring Garden Tee

  1. Very cute! I always do a row of single crochet to bring a gaping neckline in a bit.

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