Something for me! Yah!

I cast on something destined for me. It would be my second top so far and it is such a difference to the bulky one I did last time. I did the Wicked last time in a10ply wool and now I am doing Wispy Cardi using 2ply! Lace that is right!!! It is knitted on 4mm needles so will grow well I am hoping.

Wispy Cardi

My good friend Hannah from Rainbow Child gifted me the yarn and pattern as a secret surprise. 🙂 Beautiful gift!  Here is a photo of the Vintage Purls wool called Queen Consort.

My Wispy yarn before I wound it up and cast it on....

Watch this space. I have no idea how long it will take. 🙂



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2 responses to “Something for me! Yah!

  1. Carley Rivers

    Ooooh I love that pattern!! Your yarn looks soo delicious too, cant wait to see it all finished

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