Breezy Summer Skirt

On Thursday last week I started a project for my eldest girl. It is the Breezy Summer Skirt by Elena Nodel. This pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for some time. Miss A loves girly items and a twirly skirt fits the bill. 🙂 She was so happy I was knitting something for her.  I used some magicline self striping cotton I had in stash as I thought the family of colours would suit the pattern OK and not drown or hide lace features. I was right it looks fab as a finished item! 🙂

Breezy Summer Skirt

It is a top down knit in the round. The waistband is started on a provisional cast on so you catch the let go stitches and make a casing for elastic to thread through. There is an A line feature with purl stitches and then the main lace section. From there it flares out with regular increases and then finishes off with a little lace.

I did a different hem as I fiddled with the one in the pattern and wasn’t liking it…so tried this one and it worked well although took a while to cast off with 232 stitches! 😆

Lace hem

Showing the fullness of the skirt

I am yet to get photos of the skirt on Miss A as she spent most of the day in togs next door. She loves the skirt so all is good.  It measures 36cm from top to bottom to give you an idea and I did the 3 – 5 year size as Missy is rather little around the middle. The pattern can be tweaked to make it longer or shorter as well.




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