Our vege patch is growing

Literally! The plants are going nuts and hubby has added more vege garden space as well.

Our thriving vegetable garden

You can see the crazy tomatoe plants going berzurk in the main garden with strawberries and radishes to the left. There is a planter container of yet to be lanted corn plants in the front right corner as well. In the black pot on the steps is newly planted chives and corriander.

Rhubarb, gherkins and herbs

Hubby added on the extra middle garden and has planted in some gherkins as he has fantasies of owning  a “Ferkin Gherkin” named company! 🙂 The rhubarb has been planted there for some time and just a week ago had  a good picking off it so it is recovering from that. The two plants on the left have struggled but not the other two – they look even now though!

Gherkins basking in the sun

On the left of the gherkins is now home to mint, parsley and Italian thyme. These plants were in pots but now have more growing room in this garden.  This garden used to be the kids play garden so they have been told to leave the plants alone! Here is a photo of some recent play garden fun…

Kids + water + dirt = FUN and mess

Now it looks like this:

Herb garden looking great




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3 responses to “Our vege patch is growing

  1. Catherine

    Your garden looks fabulous !! !! Ours got away on us whilst we were camping but we’re home now to get back onto it!

  2. linda

    Love your knitting, love your blog, your kids and the garden. May you have a fertile 2011.

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