Pretty Bunting for the girls room

I made this bunting earlier in the week from stash to help beautify Miss 5’s room as soon it will be shared with her sister before #3 arrives.

Pretty new bunting for the girl's room

I found a tutorial or two (Joyful Abode, All the Small Things) and was inspired by some friends and their creations. I used the pdf on the All the Small things blog for the triangle shape and went from there. I cut out 2x triangles for each “flag”. Sewed them right sides together but didn’t sew the top of them so I could turn them out the right way. I sniped the point (close to the stitching but not too close!) so I could get the point as pointy as I could and then ironed them flat. It made a pretty pile of triangles I must say! πŸ™‚

These are some of the patterns I used for the bunting:

Girly girly aren't they!

I had some light blue bias tape in stash so used that to string the flags together. This is why I didn’t worry about sewing the tops of the flags closed as they would be hidden in the bias binding tape. I went through and alternated the flags and pinned them in place. I then sewed them with a zig zag stitch purely to catch the material in good and proper. To be honest the cutting out took the longest (always the way) and from there the sewing was relatively easy.

Up and pretty!

I am going to add more to the room once we figure out the soon to be new room layout. Fun times ahead.



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3 responses to “Pretty Bunting for the girls room

  1. Catherine

    #3?? ??
    Are congratulations in order?
    Did you receive my message re knitting for lil Miss P?
    How are you? Hope you are well xxx

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