Sticky Rolls

I have tried another new recipe from my new fav  “Free Range Cook” recipe book by Annabel Langbein. The Sticky Rolls were just begging to be made! 😆


Photo from the book

It takes awhile as there are two rising stages for the bread mixture but it is worth it.


Butter, milk, sugar and yeast mixture before adding flour and salt.

Mixture rising for the 1st stage - just over an hour...

At the end of the rising.

This then got halved up with one lot going into the fridge and the other half being used for the sticky rolls. I have plans for the other half (hope you are ready Crafty Ladies!!!) 🙂

Next part was rolling it out and then smearing butter on top then sprinkling sugar and cinnamon mixture on top.


Ready to roll

The rolling it tightly and lacing the pinwheels onto baking paper lined tray a few cm’s apart.

Cook for 15 or so minutes and voilà!


Sticky Buns out of the oven and before glazing

I decided to glaze them with the sugar/water mixture and it just finished them off great.


Glazed and smelling great!

We had visitors over for lunch and they went down like a treat! I will make these again for sure!!!


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One response to “Sticky Rolls

  1. Yum….

    My sauce/glaze is 1/2 cup cream, 3T sugar and cinnamon to taste… It make is even more decadent but is not for the faint hearted 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the leftover dough.

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