Apricot and Custard Tricorns

So after putting half of the Sticky Bun Dough from yesterday in the fridge I made the suggested Apricot & Custard Tricorns.

Apricto & Custard Tricorns

They look like poached eggs don’t they?! šŸ˜†

Anyway you roll the dough out and then cut into triangles. Put a spoonful of custard on top and then an upside apricot half. Melt some apricot jam and brush on top pinching theĀ corners up a little. They need to rise (or rest) for 20 minutes and then bake for 15 minutes.

They are yummy but nextĀ timeĀ IĀ wouldĀ make them thinner then the suggested 1cm thickness.



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