On Ravelry I have partaken in the January EAL (embellishment a-long) using Watermelish charts. I have always to learn duplicate stitch and how to add some extra detailing to knitted items. I joined in and ended up doing three items!  🙂 Tanja has links on her page for tutorials of step by step instructions which makes it easier to understand.

My friend J helped me with the first one. I was tired and it took a bit for me to “get it” but I got there.  Thanks J! I did the heart on M’s Breezy top in Ming Blue.

Heart embelishment

In action on Miss M

The second one I did is the gorgeous Strawberry from the yet to be released Sweet Delight chart (EAL peeps were able to try it first!). I added this to M’s newly finished Paige Babydoll

Sweet Delight strawberry

Up close

I did the last one last night on a rainbow dress I did for the girls I (both of them wear it). I was never really happy with it but now it has three heart embellishments on it and it looks fabulous!

Hearts on the Rainbow Dress

Up close

I have had some fun learning this new skill as did many others. I challenge you try it out for yourself.




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4 responses to “Watermellish

  1. They look great! Will give it a go for sure. Thanks for the links to the tutorials 🙂

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