Hope needs our help!

Hope as captured by Rachel Brown Photography

Hope, a little Wellington girl turning 4 in almost a week was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Since then she’s gone through countless painful and difficult procedures and earned 900 beads. Rachael (who took the stunning photos) summed it up when she wrote “In New Zealand, when a child is diagnosed with cancer, they start receiving beads. The beads are part of their story and recognise and honour a child’s bravery throughout their journey with child cancer. They are collected at each hospital visit, and for each treatment they receive on their journey” And yes, Hope, 2 years on from her first diagnosis has 900 beads.

My Coco Kids friend Julia has started an awesome raffle giveaway to help raise some much needed funds to enable Hope and her family to make and record some memories of their short time left together. Please check out Julia’s blog for more information.

Rachael Brown who took the above photo of Hope and her family in October 2010 has got together with Julia and they are auctioning a family sitting to raise some funds for Hope and family.  This is on Trade Me so please check it out HERE.

You can donate directly to Hope’s special account as time is the essense at the moment.

Feel free to give a donation directly to Hope’s account:

Hope Osborne

There are also many other auctions going on The Nappy Network some of which are on Trade Me  or individuals blogs as well:

Old Maiden Yarn giveaway

Slate Moby Wrap

Seaspray Baby Bonnet Hat

Zig-Zag Quilt

Other Nappy Network auctions – baby overalls, Moby Wrap, stitch markers, childrens clothing (hand made), Milo vest and baby tutu!

Please check these out and give if you can.


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