We are expecting…

another wee girl into our family! We had the 20 week scan two weeks ago. It was awesome seeing a happy healthy wee girl moving around. Sure we would have loved a wee boy but we can’t pick and choose and honestly we are happy with another girl. 🙂

Baby girl #3 @ 20 week scan.

I have been thinking of knitting projects for baby as she will be a true winter babe. I have started a crochet blanket in unisex colours and have done 1/4 of it so far.  It is the Baby Blocks Throw Blanket and here are some on the blocks so far…

I have bought some yummy pink wool to make a baby blanket in this pattern: Baby Chalice Blanket.

I am going through the girls old baby stuff and sorting out the really old, worn, stained things as a majority of items have been through at least 2 kids as some were hand-me-downs for DD1 5 years ago! 😆 It is like memory lane going through it all.

Once I finish off my current custom order knit I will get back into these projects. FUN!



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5 responses to “We are expecting…

  1. Congratulations on another healthy baby girl Kate 😀

  2. Yay a big congrats on another wee girl 🙂

  3. lykkefanten

    Many congratulations!!!

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