My home town is reeling

Christchurch I am thinking of you! The devastation from yesterday’s 6.3 earthquake thatw as shallow and violent right on lunch time is just horrific!

I have been caught between wanting to know information to wanting to not wanting to know! There are mulitple fatatlies and up to 300 people still missing 24 hours on. has lots of information…photos, videos and updates. There are some awesome rescues happening but there are also sobering moments when bodies are recovered. 😦

A guy I went to school with has written his personal account of yesterday which is an interesting read.

I guess the most disturbing image is that of the Christchurch Cathedral in the Square. It was like the icon of strength when it survived the big earthquake in September last year but it didn’t survive yesterday. 😦

Please donate time or money or blankets or food – anything and everything helps.

Donate through Red Cross.

Kia kaha Christchurch.


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