It’s been a week.

A long hard week. I have heard from family and friends, so many heart breaking stories from Christchurch. Some of my cousins are staying elsewhere while others are soldiering on. I know another cousin and his family are hurting badly and my thoughts & love are with them.

What the Drummer said to the Drum

You miserable low life b@stard.
We saw you on the fourth of September calling into town on your spineless spine, giving us a flick and looking us over.
It was an earthquake then for the yellow pages. Remember the torch, the bottles of water.
In September you were just the piano player, tinkling the ivories. In moustache. Pretty out there. Eyeing the women on the dancefloor.
Then my o my you waited!
I saw you the other day run up a blind alley full of hatred and dark breath. Black clouds only pity us.
You held us down on the jagged ground. You shook the streets and the city buildings. You tore the spire from the cathedral.
And all those people.
The tourists taking photographs, the babies taken in pairs, the hikers in the hills.
The ones buried beneath us still.
You miserable b@stard of a thing!
The time has come.
Said the drummer to the drum.
When I can make no sense of it.

A friend of mine Cat is continuing her Quilts for Christchurch that she did successfully after the 4th of September 2010 7.1 earthquake Christchurch suffered.  Here is the link to see the wonderful guilts completed destined for Christchurch.

Quilts to Comfort Christchurch Part #1

Please join in if you are quilting minded or let friends and family know if they are. There will be more needed this time around due to the huge scale of devastation.

Thanks in advance.

Kia Kaha Christchurch.




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