Birthday Present for my niece

My youngest niece has just turned ONE and I found the most gorgeous wee set to make her. I also have had some merino material for the last 3 years that has been begging to be used. Shame! But better late than never!

A few friends of mine have used this pattern so felt brave enough to tackle it myself. The pattern is a Heidi & Finn Yoga set that you can get off etsy.

I was going to use snaps as the closures as opposed to ties as the pattern suggests, however the two layers of merino were not think enough to support that. You would need to add a secret layer in between the merino in the initial stages of sewing to do that. Just a hint. 🙂 Anyway I ended up using buttons and that went well.

Yoga Hoodie & Pants set 12m

Yoga Pants

Small details up close.


Now I better make my girls some tops and pants of their own! The top is reversible as well. I joking said if Birthday Girl makes a mess on the chocolate side her Mummy can reverse the top to hide it!! 😆

On the Birthday Girl! Fits well.

I have four other patterns from Heidi & Finn to do so watch this space! 🙂


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One response to “Birthday Present for my niece

  1. I just love this set, I made it for my daughter and pulled the pattern out again to make another set 🙂
    Your wee niece looks delightful!

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