Well Rounded Mumma

I found this blog this morning and OMG it is great reading. The blog is called The Well-Rounded Muma. Have a look.

Ok I must admit I have taken photos of my last two pregnancies with tops covering my belly as it looks better. But you know what, I will show you some I took this morning showing my bare belly at 27 weeks (tomorrow I will be 27 weeks officially) and pretty much at the start of the 3rd Trimester so the home straight.

Here is me at 30 something weeks with Baby Girl #1

The start of the red stretch marks in 2005

On due date with Baby Girl #2 in 2008:

Big sister kissing my belly - cherished photo!

Photos taken today @ 27 weeks so a bit more belly growing time to go….I am sure the silvery stretch marks will enliven themselves and turn red and big soon. My belly button just flattens out with no bump.

Bare belly

From the front

So there you have it. In the flesh baby belly from me the story so far.

It is amazing what I bodies can cope with.

Another awesome website is The Shape of a Mother.



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3 responses to “Well Rounded Mumma

  1. Catherine

    Gorgeous photos honey
    Sadly I did not take photos with Mr Z as I struggled with the weight gain and could not see myself anything other than fat, however, with Miss P I did take photos and I love them . . . pregnant bellys are gorgeous bellys

  2. Skye Higgins

    You look gorgeous Kate!
    I was looking back at all my pregnancy photo’s and you know, I covered up too!

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