Little Butterflies – test knit for tiKKi

I finished a wee teeny tiny test knit for tiKKi called “Little Butterflies”.

This pattern is in testing at the moment and is due for release in Mid-April. In true tiKKi style it is a beautiful pattern and is a joy to knit.  It is knit in one piece from the top down, it is constructed well and the size is adaptable to add extra length if and when needed.  I knit mine exactly to the pattern, and knitted the subbed version (there is a table to change the yarn from DK) in NB size for our baby due in June.

I used some gorgeous Clekheaton Cocoon (70% Merino, 30% Nylon) in white which I have had in stash since 2008.

Little Butterfly

Little Butterflies up close.

Yesterday I tried it on my friends wee 10 week old boy. He was a real trooper though was a bit tired when I took the photos. It is a great fit around chest and arms and the length is fab. Next time I will do this pattern I want to do the 8ply version with longer sleeves.

Precious wee man modeling for me.


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