Butter Chickpeas is a hit!

Butter Chickpeas on rice with poppadoms

Recipe: https://chevgirl.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/fun-in-the-kitchen/

I made this  recipe for the second time and it is delish. I didn’t use the slow cooker this time. I cooked the mix about at 3pm and then let it sit. Before serving I reheated it up and then added the coconut cream.

Miss 2.5 devoured all what she was served which was quite a bit if you see the photo below. 🙂 Easy, tasty and nutritious!

All gone!


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One response to “Butter Chickpeas is a hit!

  1. Yum! This reminds me there’s a recipe like this in the Alison Holst “Very Easy Vegetarian” cookbook – must try it on the kids… your daughter looks very happy with hers! So nice to have more meals without meat.

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