Craft 2.0 – 23rd April

Last weekend I flew down to Wellington and helped my Coco Kids gals at our second Craft 2.0 stall. It was one busy weekend and one busy day!

 Craft 2.0 is a cult Wellington craft fair for style junkies, craft enthusiasts and all fans of handmade. A favourite on the Wellington arts calendar; Craft 2.0 runs four times a year at The Dowse Art Museum, attracting a wide following of quality stall holders and eager shoppers alike.

The three of us had been busy knitting when we could amongst our 9 children and life in general. We all had our own challenges but got some beautiful items together for the big day.

Our Coco Kids Stall at Craft 2.0 April 2011

It’s always lovely to hear and see people commenting on your creations. Sometimes you make something and you think hmmmm not sure if I like it now! Then you find that someone just adores it and buys it! 🙂 I managed to knit and chat for a bit of the time there too.

Julia, Ali & myself at Craft 2.0

It was a busy weekend and once i got home to Auckland and stopped moving I felt so shattered! However I did finish a cardigan for little baby on the way that I started on Thursday night before I flew down. I’ll show this cute wee creation in a new post of the wee baby knits.



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2 responses to “Craft 2.0 – 23rd April

  1. Was lovely to catch up with you!

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