Recipe: Rolls/Bread/Pizza or Scrolls?

My friend Shelley posted this awesome link to a blog called Crafty Kin with this quick versatile recipe for bread or rolls or pizza base or even cinnamon scrolls. This is the link for the bread recipe: bread recipe. This is the link for making cinnamon scrolls with the bread recipe: cinnamon scrolls.

Here are some photos of my efforts today. I made the whole mixture and divided in half. I made eight rolls for dinner which we had burger style and the other half was cinnamon scrolls. I used2 cups of wholemeal flour in this batch. With the cinnamon scrolls I glazed them with some white sugar melted in a wee bit of boiling water brushed on top.

Buns ready to bake

Cinnamon scrolls ready to bake

Fresh out of the oven

Yummmy scrolls cooling off before we pounced on them.



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2 responses to “Recipe: Rolls/Bread/Pizza or Scrolls?

  1. shortly24

    Oh yum, these look great!

  2. oh my YUM YUM YUM!
    think Ill be making some cinnamon scrolls for lunch hehehe

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