Dummy Fairy visited us!

Well she visited Makayla on Sunday night. We have been discussing with Makayla whi is 3 in a few weeks that she will have to give her dummy’s up as they are “for babies”. We found a wee kete bag and Makayla placed her three dummies in it and we then made a note for the dummy Fairy and added a ribbon or two to the bag.

Ready for the Dummy Fairy

Makayla was very proud and excited as we did this. We then went out to the gate and popped the bag in the mail box for the Dummy Fairy to collect them while she was asleep.

The fun began at sleep time as to be expected. She was upset for a bit and a bit lost without her dummies but with sleepy drops (rescue remedy) and some cuddles and coaxing back to bed numerous times she eventually konked out at close 10pm!!!  She woke up at 5am when I was up feeding Holly and was wanting to get her gumboots on to get the dummies but I side tracked her and she cuddled up in bed with Daddy.

Night 2 was lots better with her taking just over an hour to settle. I am hoping each night gets better and better for her as she adjusts.

Yesterday we made a cake together with her big sister and baby sister (in the moby wrap) to celebrate her having no dummies. It is a fab easy delicious chocolate cake recipe which the girls loved helping me with. In the afternoon we shared the cake with my two brothers and familes so that was pretty special. The girls got to hand out the wee plates with the cake on to their aunties & uncles, Dad and cousins.

Makayla decorating her special cake.



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2 responses to “Dummy Fairy visited us!

  1. way to go makayla 🙂

    Love the idea of the dummy fairy! we had a real mission getting the boys off them! dummy fairy would of been alot nicer then just chucking them out

  2. Cat

    Oh honey I so remember losing the dummy – I think it was about 4 days, 4 painful days.
    How is it all going? We must schedule a catch up morning tea sometime soon xxx

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