Gosh I must admit once I have finished a project like bloom by tiKKi I can see why it is worth the effort. After the 1×1 ribbing that never ends and the frogging and what-not that went into this dress it looks amazing! Another major plus is that it grows with the wearer from being a dress to a top due to the stretch the rib gives the garment. The diamond lace is very feminine and easy to knit.

This is the 3rd bloom thus far so have knitted a sky blue, raspberry and now a teal one. I used my brother & sister in laws camera to capture the true colour of this bloom as it is so yummy! My 1 year old niece was my cute model and the bloom itself is going to another niece of mine who has just turned two years old.

Bloom in size medium in Teal with coloured ribbon

This is a knit I can do for custom orders however it is a time consuming knit for me at the moment with a 3 month old to entertain and a very active pre schooler! The amount of times I have fallen asleep knitting recently is a bit embarrassing! 😆




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5 responses to “Bloom!

  1. GORGEOUS!!! love that colour
    I completely understand the tiredness and falling asleep while knitting – and I don’t have a 3 month old (on a side note omg 3 months already! gosh thats gone fast!)
    I do have a 19 month who still wakes which in turn wakes the 4year old and yeah :/

  2. Cat

    This is simply gorgeous I LOVE it xxx

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