300 Posts & My new favourite thing

Yah so I have reached 300 posts on my blog – how cool. Not that I was counting or aiming for anything, it has just happened. 🙂

My new favourite thing is refashioning or upcycling. Its fun and creative. I have just spent some time on Pinterest pinning some tutorials for more fab projects. My crafty group will be doing an up-cycling theme swap too at some point this year so that will be damn fun. I have started making a list of links to help us and get the creative juices flowing. The idea is to use something we have into something else with minimal cost.

The day after we came back from our Christmas holiday I for some reason found myslef sorting out the big girls wardrobe! To be honest it was the wardrobe where boxes were put when we moved almost two years ago and then kind of left as it was.  I sat down and went through each box and biffed and sorted till there was only a box of stuff that was left. Something’s were put into the kids craft box, something in our gift wrapping/card box. I found my old pin board that I used when I was a kid. Yes, I do like to hold onto things in case they will be useful…. 😆 so I thought I either use it or throw it out. Decisions!

So here it was

Before makeover

I had some cheap fabric in my stash and some left over ribbon from the Christmas decorations I made. I got out the handy stapler I found also in the cupboard and Away I went.

After makeover

The usual school notices and phone list have a home now.

All set

Love it. Organised chaos. Now onto the next project…decluttering the clothes from my life. My husband will be pleased as will my floor. 😆



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One response to “300 Posts & My new favourite thing

  1. Awesome! One of my intentions of this year is to spend less and re-use and re-purpose, so very similar. I can’t wait to see more of your lovely creations 🙂

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