Christmas Crafting Round Up (Part 3)

Part 3 – I told you I needed to seperate it all out! ūüėÜ

This is my favourite lot to be honest as these are the gifts for my family for Christmas.


My friends have been knitting this scarf pattern a lot and I had been meaning too since the Garden City Scarf was released. ¬†It is cleverly knitted in a way that makes the most of the yarn quantity you have. I bought some digital scales to make this process easier and now it is super handy in weighing the wee bits of wool I have as well as be better indicator of yarn used for test knits. With the Garden City Scarf you knit the tip of the scarf and then weigh that part (or the remainder of the ball) so you know how much yarn is needed for the other tip. You knit the rest of the scarf till you have the tip weight left (plus 1 or 2 g to give you some leeway ūüôā ). Easy ah? ūüėČ

The Garden City Scarf is designed by Sheryl Greenfield¬†who wanted to pay tribute to Christchurch, her hometown, which has been suffering thousands of earthquakes since September 2010. On February 22nd 2011, the city was devastated by a 6.3 earthquake that resulted in 181 people being killed. ūüė¶

The once proud Christchurch Cathedral now in ruin.

Heartbreaking and the story and recovery of the city is still continuing. Sheryl had proceeds of the pattern going to NZ Red Cross who are administrating funds to help people. Christchurch is dear to me as well as I grew up in Canterbury and went to University in Christchurch. Many of my extended family and some of my husbands family live there too. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

I chose colours that the ladies in my family would suit & love to wear. The yarn is 100purewool and it is beautiful and soft so a perfect match for something to be worn around the neck and face.

Four Garden City Scarves

For my Mum I used the vibrant “Happy Rose” colour, for my my sister in law (Husbands sister) I used “Santino Trim”, my youngest brothers wife chose the beautiful “celery” as her colour and for my mother-in-law I chose “splendid” a beautiful blue.

I had one more to create for my other sister in law (wife of my younger brother) but I wanted to do something different for her. The Colosseo Moebius has been in my queue to knit since it was released as well. The construction is unusual and fun at the same time. It is a reversible cowl that you just pop over your head to keep your neck & chest warm. No scarf ends to tuck away.

Colosseo Meobius

I now want to knit one for me now! ūüėÜ

So that is the knitting side of things for my family Christmas presents. Now onto the sewing….


For my eldest niece I made this¬†Shirt Dress¬†¬†which wasn’t a shirt as such but I¬†fashioned¬†it with a mock shirt front to give it that look with some button stacks.

I then teamed the dress up with a circle skirt and one for her sister Miss almost 2.

I also made Miss almost 2 a reversible a line dress that ties at the shoulders. I looked up a tutorial on line to convert the pattern I had (a burda one I think) into being reversible.

I also made another reversible dress for my other niece Miss2 using some vintage material from her Grandma, my mother-in-law’s material stash. ūüė¶ seems I didn’t grab a photo of the dress before I gifted it. Hopefully I get a photo of Miss 2 in it sometime soon.

For my nephew Mstr 4 I pimped up two plain coloured t-shirts with his name on using fabric paint. It was lots of fun.

All in all, December was busy but fun! Lots made with a great sense of satisfaction.





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